Remote Assistance

Almer is the first company to provide both hardware and software as a service. By developing compact and lightweight Augmented Reality glasses, we deliver efficient technology for frontline workers with excellent image quality and specialized remote assistance software.

Value Proposition

Traveling to fix a problem comes at a huge cost for companies and our environment. Thanks to our solution, an expert can be in any place within a few minutes.


100’000 CHF per year is spent for travel costs in average Swiss KMU. The cost savings per intervention would be 2’700 CHF on average.

Time Optimizer

If the expert doesn’t need to travel, 85% of the cost could be saved. Up to 50’000 $ per minute of downtime in automotive production

Environmentally Friendly

Even if only 10% of technicians of the developed world would use Almer, we would save more than 7 million tons of CO2. We expect each pair of glasses to save around 5’500 kg of CO2 per year. 

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Almer Hardware & Software Service

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How does it work?

A remote worker can wear our elegant solution during a typical day. Thanks to the Almer HD camera the expert can see what a specialist around the world can see.

Thanks to the Almer Software, the expert can highlight objects in real-time inside the worker’s field of view. Problems can be solved as if the expert would be standing next to the worker.


Share all file types such as SVG, CAD, MOV, and more

Highlight, write and signal on the operator’s field of view

See field of view neatly through live stream

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