About Us

How we started

The project Almer was started with the question “What does it take to make useful Augmented Reality (AR)?” by students and researchers at ETH and Tsinghua University.

We learned a lot about the challenges of making AR useful by assembling technology prototypes in Shenzhen.

After a year of further research, we decided to found Almer as a company.

May 2021 Funding
June 2021 Case Studies
August 2021 Feasibility
February 2022 Testing
April 2022 First Sales

What's Next?

We are now getting ready for our Pilot A production, which will take place in August 2022 and build 200 to 500 Swiss-made AR glasses that will be delivered to our pilot clients across Europe.

There are presently just a few openings for our Pilot, which will begin near the end of 2022. 

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