Almer Service

What we offer

Almer is the first company to provide the hardware and hardware specialized software as a service, working out of the box without any questions asked.

augmented reality glasses
How it works

A remote worker can wear our elegant solution during a typical day.

Thanks to the camera the expert can see what a specialist around the world can see. The expert can highlight objects in real-time inside the worker’s field of view.

Problems can be solved as if the expert would be standing next to the worker. 

The value you gain

Thanks to our solution, an expert can be in any place within a few minutes: No travel costs or any other time is lost. Thanks to this gain in efficiency, our customers not only save money but the environmental footprint is dramatically reduced as well.

smart glasses
augmented reality

The main cost spent with our solution is the time investment of an expert. There is no flight needed or any other kind of accommodation for a specialist. This leads to a cost save of around 2’700 CHF on an average intervention. Since there are multiple interventions per week, our customers save a tremendous amount of money with our product. Even if only 10% of service technicians of the developed world would use our service, we can save more than 7 Million Tonnes of carbon dioxide.

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