Every industry can benefit from hands-free remote assisted glasses.

Creative solutions for every industry

Every industry is different, but all frontline businesses can be made safer and more efficient with connected worker solutions. From the floor of high-speed workshops to the dizzying heights of wind turbines, our remote assisted glasses are designed to help employees stay productive and aware of the dangers around them.



Field Service 


Despite the advent of autonomous technology (AT), warehousing faces increasing costs due to errors in stocking, picking, and maintaining adequate inventory levels.

Almer Smart Glasses optimize efficiency in warehouse and distribution centers by providing real-time decision support and instantly connecting workers to supervisors, AT machines and business management software.

Manufacturing’s reliance on manual processes can lead to operational errors and inefficiencies. Additionally, the industry faces a growing skills gap as many veterans retire.

Almer’s smart glasses help speed up production, improve protocol compliance and reduce training times by providing hands-free educational support directly in your workers’ field of vision.

The field service industry experiences great revolutions, because the machines that must be maintained become more complex. In addition, about 60% of the workforce will soon retire.

Almer’s smart Glasses helps the field technicians to connect with and external specialists, which offers heads-up support, free hands and training that improves overall productivity and safety.

Customer service doesn’t stop after the car is sold. In factit’s just the beginning. Find out how Almer glasses  helps technicians return vehicles to drivers faster by simplifying the maintenance process.

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