Our Story

How we started

The project Almer was started with the question “what does it take to make useful AR?” by students and researchers at ETH and Tsinghua University.

With assembling technology prototypes in Shenzhen, we learned a lot about the challenges of making AR useful.
After a year of further research, we decided to found Almer as a company. In May 2021, Almer was granted an Innovation Project from Innosuisse, which kickstarted Almer.

augmented reality remote assistance
augmented reality remote assistance

In parallel to the development, we conducted numerous case studies with interested companies. 

For that, we created a testing platform, as pictured on the left.
We learned a lot about what matters for AR communication in the process of those case studies. 

Where We are Heading

With the learnings of the case studies in mind, we investigated the constraints of our envisioned AR glasses.
In August 2021, we successfully proved the feasibility of our envisioned AR glasses. 

tech glasses

Our next step is to develop and manufacture 10 integrated prototypes by December 2021. This will allow our first customers to do tests of the whole system and refine the requirements.
Based on the learnings from that, we will start the pilot production in Q2 2022.

Are you interested in testing the prototypes of the Almer Remote Assistance Service?
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