Our Story

How we started

The project Almer was started with the question “What does it take to make useful Augmented Reality (AR)?” by students and researchers at ETH and Tsinghua University.

With assembling technology prototypes in Shenzhen, we learned a lot about the challenges of making AR useful.

After a year of further research, we decided to found Almer as a company. Then, with the help of the Swiss Smart Factory, we applied to a large Innosuisse Innovation Project.

augmented reality remote assistance

In May 2021, this project was granted and financed by Innosuisse. This opportunity allowed us to start the product development with the support of the Swiss Smart Factory, FHNW, ZHAW, and our first pilot customer Schaltag AG.

We conducted numerous case studies with interested companies in parallel to the development.

We created a testing platform, as pictured on the left.

We learned a lot about the efficiency key factors of AR communication in the process of those case studies.

Where we stand?

With the learnings of the case studies in mind, we investigated the constraints of our envisioned AR glasses. In August 2021, we successfully proved the feasibility of our envisioned AR glasses. 

We successfully conducted multiple tests with our industrial pilot customers and are currently implementing the gathered feedback into our pilot A production. We continue to do so to improve our product and AR service further.


On February 2022 we developed and integrated 10 prototypes. This allowed our first customers to do tests of the whole system and refine the requirements.


As of April 2022, Almer has successfully sold multiple pilot programs in different industries and will continue to do so till September 2022.

Where we are heading?

We are currently preparing everything for our Pilot A production in August 2022, where we will produce between 200 – 500 swiss-made AR glasses that will be shipped to our pilot customers all around Europe.

We currently have few spots left for our Pilot that will start towards the end of 2022. 

If you are interested in our service please Contact Us for a trial.